Thommy Purnell

Case Manager


Thommy L. Purnell Jr. (he/him) is a Case Manager at Loevy + Loevy and an essential member of the litigation team. As an exoneree himself, Thommy is uniquely situated to assist clients in overcoming the many barriers they face navigating their cases and re-entering society. Impassioned by his own fight for freedom and justice, Thommy participated in the Cabrini Green Legal Aid Clinic, First Defense Legal Aid, and Amnesty International. Prior to joining Loevy + Loevy and the Exoneration Project, Thommy spent over a decade as a paralegal, focusing his work on civil rights litigation. Thommy graduated from Roosevelt University with a Bachelors in Paralegal Studies and a minor in Psychology in 2004.

Our Impact

Loevy + Loevy has won more multi-million dollar verdicts than perhaps any other law firm in the country over the past decade. Our willingness to take hard cases to trial, and win them, has yielded a nationally recognized reputation for success in the courtroom.

Read the latest public reporting and press releases about Loevy + Loevy’s clients, our public interest litigation, and our civil rights impact.

We take on the nation’s most difficult public interest cases, advocating in and outside the courtroom to secure justice for our clients and to hold officials, governments, and corporations accountable.

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