Loevy + Loevy is one of the largest and most successful trial firms in the nation.

Our experienced civil rights attorneys have a proven track record of achieving historic results in difficult cases involving police misconduct, wrongful convictions, prisoners’ rights, wrongful deaths, government transparency, whistleblowers, data privacy, and class action claims.

Loevy + Loevy has won more than $1 billion worth of verdicts and settlements for our clients. We work hand-in-hand with diverse clients to fearlessly hold the system accountable in federal and state courts throughout the United States.

Practice Areas

Time spent in prison is something that you can never get back, but a dedicated civil rights lawyer can help you pursue justice. Put simply, no firm in the country has more experience or more success than Loevy + Loevy in securing accountability and justice in wrongfully convicted cases.

Loevy + Loevy’s police misconduct attorneys represent people whose constitutional rights have been violated, fighting for justice and accountability in the courtroom. Our civil rights law firm has secured landmark trial verdicts and settlements for victims of police misconduct and civil rights violations.

Loevy + Loevy has experience litigating whistleblower cases throughout the United States: we are experts in whistleblower law. Our attorneys understand the particular needs of whistleblower clients and always maintain the strictest confidentiality. We will never use your information for any purpose other than pursuing the best possible result in your case.

People in prisons and jails are among the most vulnerable populations in our country. Too often, incarcerated people have their rights violated by prison staff or private corporations operating in jails and prisons. At Loevy + Loevy, we are committed to helping prisoners and detainees challenge the violations of their civil rights through individual cases and class actions.

Loevy + Loevy is a national leader in litigating First Amendment, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and open governance lawsuits. Our unwavering commitment to transparency is evidenced by our landmark cases which have established favorable law and ensured public figures and entities operate with the transparency mandated by law.

People who venture into cryptocurrency, blockchain, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) are often exposed to risks that can cause them large losses when trading in initial offerings (ICOs and IEOs) and on exchanges in the secondary market. At Loevy + Loevy, our cryptocurrency attorneys have pioneered innovative litigation to protect cryptocurrency investors. We are here to help.

In the age of the internet, data privacy has become a modern issue of individual rights. Ever-evolving technology and Americans’ near-constant surveillance pose increasing threats. Loevy + Loevy believes data privacy is a fundamental right that should be respected to the full extent of the law.

Loevy + Loevy has a depth of experience in litigating and trying complex civil litigation matters, including intellectual property, breach of contract, fraud, partnership, patent, trademark, and class action matters. We also regularly counsel and advise businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits on these and related issues.

How Can We Help?

If your rights have been violated, you need our experience on your side. Contact our civil rights attorneys  for a free consultation. Because of the accomplished litigation background of our attorneys, we can also provide legal representation in the area of commercial litigation, intellectual property and personal injury.

Whether you are ready to take action or still considering your options, call us today. Our consultations are free and completely confidential. Call 888-644-6459 (toll free) or 312-243-5900, or fill out our contact form and we will contact you.

Our Impact

Loevy + Loevy has won more multi-million dollar verdicts than perhaps any other law firm in the country over the past decade. Our willingness to take hard cases to trial, and win them, has yielded a nationally recognized reputation for success in the courtroom.

Read the latest public reporting and press releases about Loevy + Loevy’s clients, our public interest litigation, and our civil rights impact.

We take on the nation’s most difficult public interest cases, advocating in and outside the courtroom to secure justice for our clients and to hold officials, governments, and corporations accountable.

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