Loevy + Loevy is a civil rights law firm fighting for justice across the country.

We take on the nation’s most difficult public interest cases, advocating in and outside the courtroom to secure justice for our clients and to hold officials, governments, and corporations accountable. Our compassionate, award-winning attorneys work relentlessly to ensure our clients are supported, empowered, and victorious.

Our Values

Loevy + Loevy puts our clients at the center of our work. The people we represent become more than just our clients: they are friends and family. Our attorneys collaborate with our clients to achieve the results most important to them.

We team up with firm partners like the Exoneration Project and Road 2 Reentry to ensure that our formerly incarcerated clients have the wraparound resources they need as they transition to life outside. We understand that this transition is tough and takes time. 

Loevy + Loevy stands apart from the rest: we have more collective experience prosecuting civil rights cases than any other private law firm in the United States. Our attorneys are highly credentialed and are proven leaders in their field — that’s how we have secured so many record-setting verdicts. Our past successes mean we can invest significant sums in our clients’ cases to maximize their chances of success.

Our History

Jon Loevy founded Loevy + Loevy in 1997. The firm is now one of the largest and most successful civil rights law firms in the United States, with dozens of attorneys working for justice from coast to coast.

In 2007, Loevy + Loevy founded the Exoneration Project (EP), an organization dedicated to restoring justice by fighting to free innocent people from behind bars. Since its founding, the Exoneration Project has freed more than 200 clients who were wrongfully incarcerated for crimes they did not commit. Loevy + Loevy fully funds and helps staff the Exoneration Project: our contributions make the EP’s free legal services possible.

Loevy + Loevy’s philosophy has remained the same since the start: Fight tirelessly to obtain justice. Litigate cases creatively and more vigorously than other attorneys. Win groundbreaking victories for our clients.

What does it mean to be a civil rights law firm?

Your civil rights guarantee your freedom and protect you from interference by the government and other private individuals and organizations. Civil rights include the right to due process, to a fair trial, to freedom from police harassment and brutality, to fair treatment in jail and prison, to freely speak and assemble, to protest, to privacy, to reproductive freedom, to bodily autonomy, to self-determination, to love who you choose, and to equal protection of the law, among many other things.

As a civil rights law firm, we work to honor and defend these rights. When one of these rights is violated, civil rights attorneys like Loevy + Loevy take legal action to stop the harm and remedy the situation.

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Our Impact

Loevy + Loevy has won more multi-million dollar verdicts than perhaps any other law firm in the country over the past decade. Our willingness to take hard cases to trial, and win them, has yielded a nationally recognized reputation for success in the courtroom.

Read the latest public reporting and press releases about Loevy + Loevy’s clients, our public interest litigation, and our civil rights impact.

Our compassionate, award-winning attorneys work relentlessly to ensure our clients are supported, empowered, and victorious.

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