Civil rights and consumer protection class action representation

When multiple people have had their civil rights violated in the same way by the same perpetrator, whether it be a government agency or a corporation, it often makes more sense to forego individual lawsuits in favor of class action.

At the law firm of Loevy & Loevy in Chicago, our Illinois civil rights trial attorneys are well versed in handling class actions that bring positive change for multiple plaintiffs. We offer experienced representation and top-tier legal services and are absolutely committed to achieving justice for those who have experienced civil rights violations.

A long history of class action success

Our attorney Mike Kanovitz practiced in the field of class action lawsuits and filed several before joining our firm. We are currently involved in a class action involving more than 250,000 people who had been arrested and processed at Cook County Jail and subjected to group strip searches.

To learn more about completed class action cases, see our Big Wins page.

Is Your Case a Candidate for Class Action?

If you feel that a class action may be the appropriate way to seek justice in your civil rights case, or have interest in joining an existing case, we encourage you to call 312-243-5900, toll-free 888-644-6459 or contact us online today and arrange a free initial consultation with an attorney.