Jacques Rivera spent more than 20 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. 

Now he’s out, but his troubles are far from over.

While eventually Rivera should get some compensation from the State of Illinois – a bit under $1000 for each of the years he wrongfully spent behind bars – in the meantime he’s got to pay for food, housing and the other necessities of life.

Like most everyone else, he needs a j-o-b, but has gone decades without one, and even after landing one, must learn what it takes to keep one.

Follow Rivera as he deals with life on the outside in this report, “Jacques’ New Job,” by Chicago Public Radio‘s Alison Flowers, part of WBEZ-FM’s “Exonoree Diaries” series.  The series also includes a previous story about Mr. Rivera, which can be read or listened to here.

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