Three men, Anthony Ross, TyJuan Anderson and Lumont Johnson were found guilty of a 2002 murder they did not commit.  Now, more than 10 years after their conviction, the detective that put them away is admitting to his own misconduct in an interview with NBC.

Doug Palmer, a former detective, talked to Rob Stafford because “he began his Rockford police career with good intentions but ended ten years of duty with a conscience more guilty than the three men he helped convict.”

“I slapped Anthony Ross.  I slapped Tyjuan Anderson a couple of times,” Palmer admits.

And according to Palmer, the misconduct was not limited him.  “You had guys that would walk around with jail photos of people they had beaten as jail trophies,” he said.

As for the three men wrongfully convicted of murder, they have been granted a new trial based in part on Palmer’s admissions.  Two of the three, Anthony Ross and Lumont Johnson, are represented by The Exoneration Project.

See Rob Stafford’s interview with Doug Palmer here.

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