The attorneys at Loevy & Loevy place an extremely high value on our relationships with our clients.  Given the nature of the cases, our attorneys and clients often spend years working together closely to obtain justice.  During that time, lasting bonds are frequently forged.  More so than at other law firms, we prefer to build our client relationships as “partnerships,” characterized by mutual trust and respect, and we are proud that many of our cases have led to friendships that have continued long after the litigation ended.  Given how this works in practice, it is no surprise that our clients generally come to regard us their “lawyers for life.”

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Loevy & Loevy is the largest private law firm entirely devoted to civil rights in the United States. We offer representation of the highest quality; we welcome our clients into our firm’s family; and we have an unparalleled record of success.

If your civil rights have been violated or you are a whistleblower, we encourage you to contact our attorneys today for an initial consultation.