The Women #MeToo Leaves Behind

The #MeToo movement has captured many people’s attention and sparked conversations about the important issues of stopping sexual harassment and equalizing pay for women. But there are huge sectors of women in our society who lack the #MeToo movement’s power and resources to fight back. Some of these women are shut out of the work… Read More

Gratitude and Privilege in the Justice System

As I prepare to celebrate the holiday season, I am struck by things that I am grateful for, but which are denied to many in our communities. In particular, I am concerned with privilege as it relates to the justice system. Basic rights become privilege when our system offers the rights only to some, while… Read More

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

  If we are serious about tackling our nation’s mass incarceration problem, we absolutely need to double down nationally on efforts to stop criminalizing school children’s behavior. Much has been written in recent years about what has been dubbed the school to prison pipleline, where kids acting out at school in typical kid fashion suddenly… Read More