Media Coverage of Black Shooting Victims (Part I)

There is so much to say about media coverage of black shooting victims, particularly black victims of police shootings, that I hardly know where to start. I supposed the simplest place to begin is with an examination of the negative bias in the media’s depiction of black shooting victims. There is an outrageous double standard… Read More

The Price of Police Misconduct

Our criminal justice system is premised in part on the idea that if you commit a crime, you pay a price: the fear of spending years in prison and paying back the money you stole should deter you from stealing in the first place. But, of course, this type of deterrence only works if the… Read More

Police Shootings, No Medical Attention

As if it isn’t alarming enough to see police officers fatally shooting suspects without justification, what has made such recent police violence even more troubling has been the all too frequent instances of police officers callously refusing to offer any medical attention to the men they have gunned down. Oftentimes, this lapse seems to occur… Read More

Police Shootings Covered-Up

As this country continues to watch horrific police shootings captured on videotape, it has been especially troubling to see efforts by police forces to hide the truth. It seems that if we are ever going to find a way to curb unjustified police shootings in general, and unjustified police violence against black men in particular,… Read More

Do You Trust The Police?

With all of the recent videos of unjustified police shootings and irrational use of excessive force, you would think that the entire nation would be deeply troubled by the police misconduct incidents and that everyone’s perception of police officers would be deteriorating. But that’s not the case in all communities. Take Ferguson: after the Michael… Read More

Police Shootings: the Early Warning Signs

As this nation is repeatedly confronted with horrifying instances of police shootings and police excessive force, it is important to consider the commonalities and patterns among the incidents so that we can strive to find a way to stop this unjustified violence. One detail that the media seems to frequently gloss over is the offending… Read More