Forensic Science Without the Science

The Trump administration’s war on science continues, and its latest move will cause more wrongful convictions. Attorney General Jeff Sessions just announced that he will dissolve the National Commission on Forensic Science, the non-partisan organization tasked improving the reliability and accuracy of scientific evidence used in criminal cases. Sessions seeks to keep forensic testing under… Read More

Wrongful Conviction Roundup – 2016Q2

This quarter’s wrongful conviction roundup is equal parts tragic and infuriating. Once again, it includes years of lives wasted in prison, stories of blatant official misconduct, and devastating miscarriages of justice in the name of the people. First, Loevy & Loevy client Jermaine Walker won a Certificate of Innocence in April, after a Cook County… Read More

Junk Science Causing Real Convictions

When juries are told that science all but proves that a defendant committed a crime, this compelling evidence practically guarantees a conviction — but what of the wrongful convictions when the so-called science is false?  It has now come to light that thousands of accused have faced the pseudo-science of microscopic hair analysis, a non-DNA… Read More