Prosecutorial Immunity: Checkmate

There are rules of fair play in criminal cases, and one of the most important ones is: the prosecutors must give the defense any evidence that is favorable to the person accused and material to the question of whether or not that person is guilty. In other words, it is cheating for prosecutors to hide… Read More

When Innocence Isn’t Enough

Here’s something you may not have realized: did you know that the United States Supreme Court has never ruled that it is unconstitutional to incarcerate (or even execute) an innocent person? You’d think that everyone could agree that if someone can conclusively prove his innocence, he should not be left to rot in jail. And… Read More

False Confessions, Wrongful Convictions

Great news to report: Daniel Andersen’s convictions for rape and murder were just overturned by an Illinois court. Daniel spent 27½ years in prison for these crimes  he did not commit, and compelling DNA evidence now supports his innocence claim. But how did the wrongful conviction happen? Well, for starters, he was convicted back when… Read More