The Death Penalty is Cruel and Unusual

In a recently decided Supreme Court case, Glossip v. Gross, the Court decided that a current method of lethal injection used for administering the death penalty is not so barbaric as to be unconstitutional. The only positive thing that can be said about this decision is that the powerful and well-reasoned dissents show just how… Read More

Wrongful Conviction Round Up: Q2 2015

Around the country, innocent people continue to serve prison sentences for crimes that they did not commit. In fact, last year set the record for the number of people exonerated in the United States. In an earlier blog, we summarized noteworthy wrongful conviction news for the first quarter of 2015. As the second quarter wraps… Read More

A Step Towards the Right Direction: Year 2014, a Record High For Exonerations


The year 2014 was an extraordinary year for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted and those who advocate for their freedom. Reports show that in 2014, 125 individuals were exonerated in the United States—the most in American history. Since 1989, there have been 1,536 exonerations. That is, there are 1,536 people have been wrongfully accused, convicted, and sentenced to prison but… Read More