Police Shootings: the Early Warning Signs

As this nation is repeatedly confronted with horrifying instances of police shootings and police excessive force, it is important to consider the commonalities and patterns among the incidents so that we can strive to find a way to stop this unjustified violence. One detail that the media seems to frequently gloss over is the offending… Read More

Police Body Cameras: Effective Tool To Stop Police Misconduct?

With media attention focusing on police violence, many cities are looking to expand the use of police body cameras. Cities using body cameras hope that recording officers’ encounters with suspects will curb police brutality, make officers accountable for their excessive force, and provide everyone with more information about what happened. But the use of police… Read More

Settlement Strategies in the Midst of Police Brutality Incidents


Eric Garner’s death has focused the nation’s attention to issues of racial bias and police brutality.  Somewhat muted by the loud calls for the reworking of the entire criminal justice system is Garner’s family’s call for justice.  While nothing will bring back Garner, his family searches for justice from New York City, the city and… Read More