After repeatedly tazing and beating a man who was begging for his life, Knox County cop shot him twice, committing “intentional homicide”

LONDON, KY – A mother today sued in federal court Knox County, a Knox County sherriff’s deputy, and Knox County constable for allowing the deputy to repeatedly taze her unarmed, non-resisting son, beat him severely, and then shoot him to death with two bullets.

Jessie Mills, killed by Knox County police

According to the suit, Jessie Mill’s death was “an act of intentional homicide…by Knox County Sheriff’s Deputy Mikey

Ashhurst.” Pearlie Sue Gambrel, acting on behalf of the estate of her late son, also sued Knox County Constable Brandon Bolton.

In June 2016, Mr. Mills picked up his three-year-old daughter from her guardian. Ashurst and Bolten responded to a call that Mills had improperly taken and drove away with the child. After Mr. Mills ran out of gas, the two officers, the child’s guardian and a local resident caught up with Mr. Mills as he was walking down a road in Knox County. After being stuck with a flashlight by Ashurst, Mills relinquished control of his daughter to Ashurst, who in turn gave her to the guardian who took her away from the scene.

“We have an unbiased witness and an autopsy report that demonstrate that Officer Ashurst repeatedly tazered Mr. Mills, far more than was necessary to subdue an unarmed man,” said Ms. Gambrel’s attorney, Elliot Slosar of the civil rights firm Loevy & Loevy Attorneys at Law. “To add insult to injury, Officer Ashurst then repeatedly kicked Mr. Mills while he laid on the ground, writhing in agony and presenting no threat to the officers or anyone else. Officer Ashurst then shot Mr. Mills, not once, but twice, needlessly killing him.”

“Because of his status as a police officer, Defendant Ashurst has not been held accountable for his actions by the Knox County Sheriff’s Department,” says the suit.

“While the criminal courts and Sheriff’s Department have failed the late Mr. Mills and his mother, we will attempt to gain at least a measure of the justice that they deserve,” said Slosar. Besides Slosar, Ms. Gambrel is also represented by Arthur Loevy, Jon Loevy, Michael Kanovitz and Amy Staples of Loevy & Loevy. The firm has also recently sued Knox County officers for framing an innocent man for murder and the false arrest of two cousins for murder.


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