Cop pleads guilty, told women to flash him: authorities

Article originally appeared in The Sun Times on 9/7/7.

By Frank Main

A Chicago Police officer has pleaded guilty to attempted intimi­dation — a misdemeanor — and agreed to resign over allegations he pulled over two women on the Northwest Side and asked them to expose their breasts to avoid traffic tickets.

Michael Allegretti was sentenced to probation in the case.

Allegretti, 45, was an officer in the Albany Park District when he pulled over a 24-year-old woman in November 2004. He allegedly asked if she would cheat on her boyfriend and promised to give her a break if she flashed her breasts. At the po­lice station she complied, but Alle­gretti gave her tickets anyway and she was released, authorities said.

The woman filed a complaint with the Chicago Police Department. Al­legretti remained on the job.

In May 2005, he stopped another woman and allegedly asked if her boyfriend was in Chicago or Poland. He told her to “show me your boobs” and to unzip her pants and “show me how you touch yourself” in exchange for leniency, officials said.

Fearful she would lose her dri­ver’s license, the 25-year-old woman exposed her breasts to Alle­gretti, officials said. But when he told her to follow his car and he pulled into an alley, she refused to get out of her car and she called 911.

Allegretti, a 17-year police vet­eran, originally faced felony charges of bribery and official misconduct, but he pleaded guilty to the reduced charge Tuesday before Judge William Lacy, records show. The Po­lice Department was seeking to fir him — based on the May 2005 inci dent — but he resigned as part of hi plea deal.

The two women have sued Alle gretti and the city. Their lawye] Jon Loevy, says the Police Depart ment failed to take the proper step to keep him off the street after the initial complaint against him was filed in November.

Allegretti and his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

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