Ventra Program Targeted By Lawsuit Demanding Transparency


“CTA takes troubling position that the public is not entitled to see non-winning bids and advisor records because it would be ‘too burdensome.’” The Chicago Transit Authority’s Ventra program is the subject of a new suit filed today aimed at opening the books on how the contract for the program was awarded and what bids… Read More

The City Releases the Names of CPD Officers with the Most Allegations of Police Misconduct

Yesterday, the City produced the names of Chicago Police Officers who have repeated complaints of police misconduct and excessive force to journalist Jamie Kalven.  This is a monumental victory for journalists, civil rights advocatess, and the general public. In 2007, Kalven sought to have the investigations of citizen complaints of police misconduct released to the… Read More

Chicago Police Sued to Force Release of Evidence of Possible Cell Phone Spying


The Chicago Police Department was sued Friday to force release of evidence that the department has purchased equipment that allows them to covertly scan people’s cell phones for detecting telephone numbers dialed and texted, tracking their location, and cell phones’ unique device identification numbers. Cell site simulators, also known as IMSI catchers or stingrays, masquerade… Read More