Supreme Court Grants Case Regarding Use of Force in Police Chases


On November 15, 2013, the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case Plumhoff v. Rickard.  Scotusblog reports that the Court will “try to clarify further when police act unconstitutionally by pursuing a suspect in a high-speed chase that results in death or injury.” In July of 2004, Donald Rickard was pulled over by a West… Read More

Prosecutor Gets Jail Time for Wrongful Conviction


In November 2013, former Judge and Prosecutor Ken Anderson agreed to time in jail for deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence.  CNN reports that in 1986, Anderson prosecuted Michael Morton for the murder of his wife Christine, tearfully telling the jury that Morton bludgeoned his wife to death.  Morton was convicted despite a lack of physical evidence.… Read More

Detective Charged In Fatal Shooting


On November 25, 2013, Detective Dante Servin was charged in connection with a shooting that left 22-year-old Rekia Boyd dead.  The Chicago Tribune reports that Servin is only the second officer to be prosecuted for a shooting since 1997.  Since 1998, 659 people in Chicago have been shot by the police. Servin was off duty when he… Read More

Rockford Detective Admits to Coercing Confessions


Three men, Anthony Ross, TyJuan Anderson and Lumont Johnson were found guilty of a 2002 murder they did not commit.  Now, more than 10 years after their conviction, the detective that put them away is admitting to his own misconduct in an interview with NBC. Doug Palmer, a former detective, talked to Rob Stafford because “he began… Read More

City Pays $5 Million in Police Shooting


By Jeff Coen, Chicago Tribune staff reporter 2/13/07 The family of a paraplegic man who alleged he was wrongfully shot by Chicago police officers during a 2003 traffic stop have settled a law-suit against the city for more than $5 million after a federal jury found in their favor. Cornelius Ware had been pulled over in… Read More

Ted White Wins $16 Million Award in Conspiracy Case


by Mark Morris and Russ Pulley, The Kansas City Star 8/30/08 A former Lee’s Summit man celebrated Friday when a jury awarded him $16 million, ruling that his ex-wife and a police officer conspired to violate his fair-trial rights. “I’d waited 10 years for that moment,” said Theodore W. White Jr. ”You have no idea what it’s like to be vindicated for something you… Read More

Chicago Police Officer Told Women to Flash Him

Cop pleads guilty, told women to flash him: authorities Article originally appeared in The Sun Times on 9/7/7. By Frank Main A Chicago Police officer has pleaded guilty to attempted intimi­dation — a misdemeanor — and agreed to resign over allegations he pulled over two women on the Northwest Side and asked them to expose their… Read More