Police Officer Sued for Shooting Dead an Unarmed Man in a Mental Health Crisis

Matthew Krupar Police Brutality Victim

Suburban Houston police department has a history of excessive violence LEAGUE CITY, TX – The family of Matthew Krupar sued this city and one of its police officers in federal court today over the officer’s December 2019 shooting death of Krupar caught on a neighbor’s security camera [2] [3]. Krupar, 31, was unarmed in front… Read More

Jonathan Irons Sues Police Officers Who Framed Him at Age 16

Jonathan Irons - Release Day . Wrongful Conviction

Irons is an innocent man who spent more than 23 years in prison after police fabricated evidence, lied under oath at trial, and suppressed evidence pointing to the real perpetrator St. Louis—More than two decades after he was wrongly imprisoned, Jonathan Irons filed a federal civil rights lawsuit this week against the officers of the… Read More