Marriage Equality Under Trump

The LGBT community and its allies are wondering: was Trump just pandering to the right with his anti-LGBT talk during the campaigns or will President Trump affirmatively seek to roll back marriage equality? Only time will tell, but given Trump’s consistent history of opposing marriage equality over the past 17 years, it is important to… Read More

Finding Gratitude Where I Can, Post-Trump

Our country has a deep, gaping, abyss of a racial wound, though many white people have tried to pretend it’s not there. Remember the naïve, wishful claims being spouted after President Obama’s election, that America was a “post-racial” society and our country had transcended its racially problematic history? Many white people proudly declared racism a thing… Read More

Our Surveillance State

As many of us band together to figure out how to minimize the damage our new president-elect can cause, I want to pass on some useful cautionary information about government surveillance. Much of the opposition research and connection is happening online. Given that reality, let’s understand the frightening extent of government/law enforcement surveillance and the need… Read More

The Importance of the Pipeline Protests

A militarized response to a peaceful protest has no place in a civilized democracy. Such a response shows how our government systems often seek to protect the profit interests, at the expense of the marginalized. And that’s what we see as the government tries to shut down the protests at Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, although this time the protesters appear to… Read More