A Culture of Police Violence

There’s been a lot of press about unwarranted police shootings and law enforcement cover-ups of police brutality, but do you ever wonder how on earth a culture developed where some police officers could believe that it is okay to treat people that way? I certainly have. And here’s what I’ve come up with: the culture… Read More

MI Man Sues Officials Who Allegedly Set Him Up for Murder Conviction

Grand Rapids, MI – Sept. 28, 2015 – This morning attorneys for a 40-year-old Kalkaska, MI man filed suit in federal court here against the County of Kalkaska, Village of Kalkaska, and several law enforcement officers and the prosecutor involved in the deeply-flawed investigation that led to his conviction. Exonerated by DNA in 2014, Kalkaska… Read More

Too Many Women in Prison

We’ve talked here a lot about our nation’s mass incarceration problem, but I was surprised to learn that the fastest growing prison population in the United States is women. While over 80-90% of the U.S. prison population is male, the number of women in prison jumped 646% between 1980 and 2010, making women the fastest… Read More

When Innocence Isn’t Enough

Here’s something you may not have realized: did you know that the United States Supreme Court has never ruled that it is unconstitutional to incarcerate (or even execute) an innocent person? You’d think that everyone could agree that if someone can conclusively prove his innocence, he should not be left to rot in jail. And… Read More

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. It is mystifying to me that such a basic affirmation can be considered divisive. And yet there have been many who react to this affirmation defensively. Many interpret the irrefutable phrase into a negation of its opposite, as if it were an inflammatory, anti-white or anti-police rallying cry. That twist is just… Read More

Media Coverage of Black Shooting Victims (Part I)

There is so much to say about media coverage of black shooting victims, particularly black victims of police shootings, that I hardly know where to start. I supposed the simplest place to begin is with an examination of the negative bias in the media’s depiction of black shooting victims. There is an outrageous double standard… Read More

Adolescent Brain Development

A court in Wisconsin recently ruled that two twelve-year-old girls who stabbed a friend nearly to death, in order to appease a fictional online horror character called Slender Man, should be tried as adults. If ever there was a crime that epitomizes a child doing a horribly stupid thing because her adolescent brain was not… Read More

Wrongful Convictions Roundup: Q3 2015

I know we do a wrongful conviction roundup every quarter, but the injustice some people have to endure never fails to shock. This quarter’s wrongful convictions are particularly upsetting. The Exoneration of Bobby Johnson Let’s begin with Bobby Johnson’s heartbreaking story. Bobby was 16 years old in 2006 when he was jailed for the armed… Read More