Police Perjury Warrants Criminal Charges

We applaud the Cook County State’s Attorney Office for charging three Chicago police officers and one Glenview officer with felony perjury for lying under oath in support of drug charges. The basis for the perjury charge is strong: the officers’ bald-faced lies under oath were directly contradicted by a dashboard video from one of the… Read More

Ending the School to Prison Pipeline

  If we are serious about tackling our nation’s mass incarceration problem, we absolutely need to double down nationally on efforts to stop criminalizing school children’s behavior. Much has been written in recent years about what has been dubbed the school to prison pipleline, where kids acting out at school in typical kid fashion suddenly… Read More

Cell phone Surveillance by the Police

With this week’s amendment to the Patriot Act limiting the federal government’s surveillance of American phone records, people may believe that their private phone calls are actually more private. While the limits of the new legislation in actually protecting our privacy are a whole other topic, one thing is plain: it does not change the… Read More

The Militarization of the Police

As our country grapples with how to decrease police brutality, police excessive force, and unjustified police shootings, it is worth noting how the police violence plaguing many cities is fed by the extreme militarization of local police forces. Through federal grants and Department of Defense donations, billions of dollars worth of military equipment has found… Read More